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Found 2 results

  1. Overkill925

    Simple question on memory

    As you'll be able to tell, I'm not super-tech-savvy. I'm about to buy a new device and I see "128gb/256gb ssd" memory. What does that mean? If the memory is 128gb what does the "256gb ssd" mean or stand for? PS If you have any suggestions on a new samsung device (tablet or 2-in-1 preferably) with a lot (at least 128gb) memory and geared more toward creativity, like making videos mainly, than just social media and word I'm open to suggestions. This is currently what I'm planning on getting, this pic also has an example of the memory I'm asking about. Thank you.
  2. I just received my Huawei Honor 3c. The phone has these specs: 2gb RAM 16gb ROM MTK9592 octa core set. Android 4.4.2 I installed a few apps that together weigh no more than 300 mb, yet the device behaves as if it's full. But it's more complicated than that. let me explain: Under android settings, everything seems to be okey-dokey. Free space is what it should be, and so is used space. However, it won't let me install large apps anymore, citing 'not enough space' as a cause. Clean Master app says i have ~950mb free space available on my internal storage. specifically, it states: Internal storage - used 15.1 gb/16.0gb Device storage - used 14.7 gb used/16.gb I installed X-plore to browse the innards of the device. When i looked at the disk map, it showed (visually) that only 1.5~ gb of the device's disk was in use, but below it said 15.1gb used out of 16gb - same as Clean Master. Please help me Android wizards!