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Found 4 results

  1. Hello. I'm using Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro with Android 7.0 and Contacts When I add a new contact this change is not updated on my GMail account. However in my phone the Contacts app shows like it is synchronized. I've disabled power saver and I've disabled synchronization then I've deleted the cache in Contacts, GMail and Google Play Store. Then I've deleted my account on the phone and I've reinstalled it again. I've enabled the synchronization but the problem remains. My version of Contacts is up to date. I think that the problem is not on GMail but on the phone because I've another phone Galaxy Express 3 with Android 6.0.1 and Contacts 2.1.38. This phone synchronizes OK with GMail. I've also observed that GMail synchronizes OK with my J7 Pro if I change an existent contact. But if I add a new contact it is not synchronized on GMail contacts. I would grace some help. Thanks.
  2. I'm very attached to my old Palm Treo - it looks like an elderly Blackberry and does stuff that my wife's iPhone and my Android tablet can't. When it's not in my pocket, it lives in a cradle with a charger and USB lead attached. I have an old Windows program called SyncWizard that lets me plug the phone into a PC, see its file system and swap files between the two. Pressing the sync button on the cradle provides the necessary conduits at the Palm end. I can move files between the Treo and my Android tablet via the PC, but sometimes it would be handy to link them directly without having to swap flash cards about. I'm thinking of writing an Android app that can see into the file systems of both machines. Before I reinvent the wheel, has anyone already done this ?
  3. I have created a new contact person in Google Contacts on my PC (Win7, IE9) and added a birthday event to this person. The event is not showing on Google Calendar (even with subscription for “Contacts' birthdays and events” under settings). It is showing in Calendar on my ICS android (HTC One S) mobile device. I deleted this new person from Google Contacts (on PC) and the problem now is that the birthday event remains in android calendar (still not shown in PC-Google Calendar) and I can't delete it.
  4. Hi Android users! We at JRT Studio are happy to be apart of the TalkAndroid community! Thank you TalkAndroid for providing this forum, and their users for providing Android interactions and feedback on new developments. Cheers!
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