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Found 13 results

  1. Hi There, I have a Samsung Android Tablet on which I am trying to create some user profiles for my kids to restrict them downloading any App. I cannot seem to find it in this new tablet. This tablet has the 4.4.1 version of Android OS. In the older version 4.2 I had the option to go to Settings >> Users tab to create different profile. But in the 4.4 version I can't seem to find these options. It only shows Add Account. But this wont give me any option to restrict downloading Apps. If any of you have any idea on how to achieve this restriction policy please reply. I know there are some apps that could do this type of User restrictions but I would prefer if there is anything inbuilt within Android. Regards.
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  3. Hi all! I'm an interested person in emdbedded systems. Nowadays, I'm trying to learn Android. However I've stucked in my first try. I was working on a test project about processing video to detect motion (I'm also interested in image processing projects). In the middle of searching types of platforms, I've discovered very-mini and powerful android PC's. I've bought an OEM Android tablet pc without integrated camera. And my problem started. I'm trying to connect a USB web cam to my Android PC. It has ICS on it and supports USB Host mode. When I conenct my pendrives it automatically recognizes and I can surf in my folders using my tablet. However it did not recognize my webcam. I've made a kind of search in google and I found something called "V4L" or "V4L2". I think this is the driver that I need. However I have no idea about integrating drivers to kernel or compiling a new kernel or how to flash my tablets nand memory. I've found this link but I couldn't install the driver. Because I do not know how to integrate it. http://brain.cc.kogakuin.ac.jp/research/usb-e.html Waiting for your replies. Where should I start, what should I search and where should I start to search? Thank you very much.
  4. i have tablet pc fbtech tablet pc u18gt 7" and my password is not working i m ready to do hard reset but i dnt know the combination for hard reset for my tablet pc kindly tell me if anyone knows thanx
  5. Hi !! Recently I've bought a china tablet. It was working good, but unfortunately I had done something wrong & now the tablet creates too many problems, such as ... 1. It won't display all the font labels. eg: not showing the labels of settings, camera etc in the menu. 2. When I try to install any apk file, most of the texts are black, so I can't even choose ok or cancel button, but the button highlight instead. 3. In the Settings menu, icons are ok but without any texts. 4. When I press the turn off button, the menu appears without any text but buttons. What should I do? Some installed games run ok with full texts......... So I guess this is not the problem of display rather the operating system.......... Any help from the experts?? OS: Android 4.0.4 Ram: 512 MB Model: L29i M1190_V1.09_P10 ubuntu-L29iA-20130411
  6. I'm a bit confused here. I'm about to buy a tablet which is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 that has 7.0 inches screen (the price in my country is about 365 USD). I haven't owned any tablet. I only own a smartphone which is a BlackBerry Curve 8900. So this is going to be my first tablet. I'm planning to use this tablet mostly for browsing webs, taking journals (such as notes, agendas, reminders, calendars, etc.), and doing other activities such as using social medias (such as Path, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), checking e-mails, watching movies, listening musics, making video calls, taking photos, etc. For me, 7.0 inches is an absolute perfect size for some of those uses. It is not too big and it is not too small either. On the other hand, I've been thinking to change my smartphone also. Because at some point BlackBerry is dead, isn't it? If I buy this tablet, of course I have to spend my money for another smartphone, which is not going to be an expensive one (the budget is below 250 USD). From another point of view, there's a Samsung Galaxy Note 1 (the price in my country is about 570 USD) which people call it tablet (smartphone + tablet). At some point, Samsung Galaxy Note 1's specifications is outdated (because of the rise of a Samsung Galaxy Note 2). But at some other point, this tablet's specifications are simply enough for me. I like this tablet because of the stylus (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 inches has no stylus) and the back and front cameras (which have higher resolutions than Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 inches). The rest of its specifications are almost the same with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 inches that I want. If I buy this phablet, I think I shouldn't buy another smartphone to replace my BlackBerry (because I can use it as a smartphone or a tablet). But according to the size, it has a confusing size. It's too smal for a tablet and it's too big for a smartphone. Therefore, I need your advice for which gadget should I buy. I'm a common person that has no high knowledge about technology these days. Should I buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 inches with an other inexpensive smartphone or a Samsung Galaxy Note 1? I have a restricted budget, that's why I pick those gadgets as my options. Pardon me for my bad english :P
  7. Now 2013 CES is ongoing and Asus has announce an 18.4-inch Asus Transformer Aio, the so-called All-in-One device. The main feature about it is "Part tablet and part All-in-One PC".But the most notable feature of Transformer Aio is probably that it comes with a Windows 8 touch-screen desktop and the detached 18.4-inch full HD display which can be as a standalone Android tablet. Asus promises that the device can run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with a built-in Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and run Windows 8 apps by using "wireless remote desktop technology", Intel's WiDi. Source: CES 2013: An 18.4-inch Asus Transformer Aio Announced for both Android and Windows 8?
  8. Hi, i'm new in the world of tablets and Android. Just got a Chinese tablet with Android 2.2. Can i upgrade to 4.0 ? if so, how ? I need help on this and remember i'm no expert. best regards, Marc
  9. I have a cheap tablet with me ubislate.Now I want to add a GSM module to it.Is it possible to connect a open hardware gsm module to Android 4.0.3 via USB or we have to write code for the drivers?? Being a VLSI engineer I am new to world of android please help.
  10. Greetings - I was just given a tablet a friend bought in Beijing a couple of years ago. The brand is ELC. The website elcldc.com is mostly in chinese and makes no mention of the ELC model IP701 tablet. Android 2.1 is on the tablet. It is useless to me unless I can use it to go through upgrading Android which I have never done. I realize no one may know anything about this tablet. I'm interested in learning about hardware requirements for the latest Android load. Any good direction will be appreciated!
  11. Home Screen designed using Minimalistic Text, Simple Text, ADW EX, and Multi Live Wallpaper.

    © D1BaseballStar

  12. Hey everyone, I want to know what apps you use on your rooted device. I just recently rooted my GSII, and flashed over a stable ICS ROM. I plan on doing an article of the must have apps for rooted devices and the ones that improve the experience. I am currently running Titanium Backups, ROM Manager, KM Launcher, and Screencaster. Let me know if you have better apps to try.
  13. :wacko: Does anyone have an opinion on the, soon to be released, Asus "PadFone". http://event.asus.com/mobile/padfone/ At just under £700 I feel it's one of those things you wouldn't want to buy on impulse for fear of finding that it doesn't live up to the hype. I must admit I'm tempted, but I reckon I'll wait until it has been out for a couple of months to see what folks are saying about it!
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