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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! I own this phone for some year and a half. In a first couple of months, I was really pleased with it. However, some problems appeared then. A couple of months ago I noticed that battery started to drain a lot faster than usual and the phone became slower. Killing tasks wasn`t much helpful, neither automatic, nor manual. At that point, I did have a third-party interface, as well as some third-party applications for SMS and so on. That was also problematic, because, for example GO SMS PRO wasn`t able to deliver me a message on time. Also, it appeared that I was unavaiable when the phone was actually on. Because de-installing of those apps wasn`t helpful neither, I decided to perform a factory reset. At first, it did have some effect. However, after some time, the problems re-appeared. After only a month, I did another factory reset, and at this time, I decided to limit the phone to factory defaults only. The fast drainage continued, it became even slower, and- got a parallel life. It started changing screens automatically, launching apps, even using a keyboard. It seems that some invisible finger is on the screen all the time. At first, I thought that it has something to do with the cold weather (because it happened mostly outside), but recently it happened also on the room temperature. At the same time, it seems that some sensors on the touchscreen are virtually dead- I cannot use some buttons on the keyboard and so on. Rotating is sometimes helpful, but not always. As far as I understood, the failiure has something to do with the hardware. But, before I take it to the service, I would like to know what it might be. Thanks in advance!
  2. RE: HTC EVO APA9292 PC36100 Subject: Touch Screen Unresponsive Touch screen on this phone is unresponsive although LCD is good. Read that replacement digitizers are either wide or narrow connections. Any way to determine which applies to this phone without dismantling it? Thanks!
  3. Hi there, my first post here. :) I am in need of some help with my SII Skyrocket. I recently replaced the battery as it went from 92% charge to 7% in about 15 seconds, and could not hold any charge. Right from this moment, even before replacing the battery but after the battery had the problem, I am having an issue with the screen. Check this video on Youtube so that you can understand it: The phone is constantly making that sound, as if it is being connected to a charger/usb cable. When this is happening, the screen turns unresponsive to long-presses, and has issues to recognize regular touch features. I have noticed that this does not happen so often when it has almost full charge (maybe 90% or more), but still happens. When the phone is plugged to the charger, the issue ussualy dissappears after a few minutes. I have restored the phone's software, but the problem persists. If anyone had this problem or has any idea what could be causing it, I would really appreciate it. Thanks! :D
  4. Hi, This is my first post and I have a quick question. My phone screen is not working properly. I have a 1.5 year old HTC Evo Shift 4G. Basically there is an area towards the top of the phone that usually wont react to me pressing it. Also, throughout the day the touchscreen will go haywire and register clicks that I am not making. It will also get stuck on the home screen and switch between home screens all on its on as if I’m swyping when I’m not. The screen looks fine and there are no scratches. It has been dropped over the years, but I’ve never cracked the screen. If I turn the screen off and then back on again, it will work for a few seconds before acting as if I’m tapping it all over. I also used to be able to fix it by pushing down hard on certain parts of the screen, but this no longer fixes it. I plan on either replacing the touch screen digitizer or the LCD display, or both, but I’m not sure if I need to replace everything, or just one part. Please help. Thank you
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