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Found 5 results

  1. I'm not sure this is the right place to post for Moto Z Droid having not seen any other posts. Nevertheless, I just purchased one and would like to upgrade the CD Card from 32GB to 128GB but am not sure what the correct procedure would be in order to retain my apps and their associated data. I am currently configured as "Internal shared" storage rather than "portable" storage. Can I change that when I upgrade? Any help is welcomed. :unsure:
  2. I am trying to upgrade from the original version of 4.4 (KRT16M) to 4.4.2. I persistently got errors when trying the usual upgrade method via the OS. I have tried all sorts of things including rooting the device, installing TWRP, downloading the appropriate file and installing the zip file from my internal storage. The feedback log/script says it is skipping the MD5 file check because it cannot find the MD5 file. It then says there were unexpected contents in the zip file and the process has failed. I have trawled the internet and teramandroid and the xda developers sites to find a solution but I have not been able to sort it. If anyone is expert in this area and can help I would be very grateful. I know 4.4.3 is imminent but I'd like to get this sorted after months of failing... Yours, Dai
  3. Hi, I've HTC Incredible S phone. It was working absolutly fine on Gingerbread but after upgrading it to ICS 4.04 It is having a problem of week network signals where it used to get strong network signal. So the problem is in 3G data. Though it shows 3G signals are coming but no internet access. I've done the factory reset as well but still issue persists. I had done the factory reset with sim in it and now after that it is not accepting any other service provider sim card. Any solution for it. Is it a known issue in HTC Incredible S after this upgrade? If yes then what is the solution? Regards, Vikas
  4. Hi, i'm new in the world of tablets and Android. Just got a Chinese tablet with Android 2.2. Can i upgrade to 4.0 ? if so, how ? I need help on this and remember i'm no expert. best regards, Marc
  5. Hi, I wish to know how I can upgrade my Android device if it is not available from the manufacturer of the device. For e.g. in India, there are low end device manufacturers like Micromax, Karbonn and iBall (essentially they get China made handsets and re-brand them in India with some very minor changes). However, given the fast changing hardware specs on Android phones, it makes sense to consider these low cost products. The biggest draw back is lack of a consistent support for newer versions of the Android OS and hence this question. Thanks in advance. Sorry for re-posting this question if it has already been answered. Thanks, Ramas.
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