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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, Im developed an application for SIP ,Audio is working perfectly ,but i cant stream the Video , i m Struggle alot . How to Stream video from another SIP client app using RTP.Is any Library required ?. Thanks in Advance Bhagavath Ram
  2. I have a weird problem that I can't solve. I have an Android device for my tv that "transforms" it into a smart tv, I think it's called Android Smart TV or something. It works as a normal Android device and all. My problem is that I also have an Apple Time Capsule that has a HDD integrated. It works as a router and an online back-up unit at the same time. I want to use it as an online HDD to storage media and access it through my Android device. In Windows PC I can see the Apple device as a computer on my network, and I can access to its files and everything. But I can't reach it through the Android device and I don't know how to solve this. I tried to create a server with its IP Address ( but it doesn't work, maybe it has something to do that I have a second Apple device, an Apple TV, wired into my network that shares the same IP Address. I don't know if that's an error or works that way. I need help! Thanks
  3. hi there , recently after the death of my laptop, i decide to dust off my handy android tablet, a 2.3.1 honeycomb. unfortunately one problem that remains constant is the inability to buffer/load videos whilst paused, which makes watching any lengthy video on any site impossible to watch. if i attempt to watch a long-ish video it stutters, pauses and buffers, which is what typically happens on a laptop due to the average internet speeds in the area. only difference is that when i pause it, it will buffer/load for no longer than 3 minutes before giving up for good, so my only option is to refresh the screen or watch the 3 minutes...then refresh the screen anyway.. ive tried all available browsers, searched google endlessly for some kind of non-youtube-centric non-answer and i've checked for updates, looked for adjustments on the adobe flash plug in, empited cache, reset... pretty much everything i can knowingly do and nothing works. so tell me, is there any way to fix this , such as forcing my android to buffer as with any laptop/pc or is this just a permanent issue with said devices thankyou in advance
  4. Hello, I've just got my first Android device, a Samsung Galaxy Y Duos and have been trying to install some apps with it, mainly to do with chat (Skype, Y! Messenger, Google Video), so I'll go one-by-one: Skype: I've successfully installed Skype on the device, but while voice chat works perfect, Video calls are not working - On the Duos, I don't see any option to make a video call, while on the PC version I can select the video call to make a video call to the Duos. However, even though a video call is placed to the Duos, there's no video anywhere. Yahoo Messenger: I've installed the base app onto the Duos, but when I go around trying to install the Video/Voice plugin, it says the bersion is not compatible with my device (surprisingly, the Yahoo Messenger app Requires Android 2.0.1 and up which the Y Duos meets Google Video/Voice: Pretty much similar to the Skype situation. Also, here there's an added issue: if a call is placed from the PC to the Duos, accepting the call on the Duos doesn't actually connect the call (the person on the PC still hears the ringing sound). Am I to do any additional settings somewhere to get these things working or what's happening? Any help on this would be highly appreciated.
  5. Hi there! I just found a new interesting application in the market and it is so convenient to use and giving you a experience in reading newspaper with a video playback just like in the Harry Potter movie. I'm somewhat satisfied with this app because it has an overall 400 preset channels to watch news. Here is the link for NewsAce Video News Reader and its review: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.tecace.newsace Hope this application may help you in terms of giving you an up to date daily news feed.
  6. Does anyone know of a video player where you can adjust the playback speed? Either with preset speeds (1.2x 1.5x 2x for example) or preferably the ability to adjust by scrolling up through them? Thanks in advance!
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