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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I've taken in to repair my friends tablet. Model is GT-P5100. The virus has root permissions (the tablet itself is not rooted). The only way to repair it is to root it and delete virus manually. Howewer, can't root because APPs don't work, cable doesn't connect to pc (it just doesn't see tablet). So the problems I have : 1. Can not connect tablet to computer. 2. Can not root the tablet/delete the virus from the tablet itself. What have I tried? I'll try to list things for both problems. "Can not connect tablet to computer." 1. Installing Kies, reinstalling kies, troubleshooting kies, manually installing drivers, basicaly everything driver related 2. Tried connecting when in odin mode, download mode, fully booted, with USB debugging enabled/disabled. 3. Tried different cables (bought a few new ones even). 4. Tried connecting to different computers (Ubuntu 14 PC, Win10 PC, Win 7 laptop, Win 10 laptop, Win 8 laptop). The best I got from this is that on one of the computers I got "Device unrecognised". Tried all ways to forward it to drivers, all to no avail (please keep in mind that I'm an IT technician, so basically I have tried all possible ways) 5. Tried Odin, tried samsung Kies, tried ADB sideloader. 6. Tried different USB ports 7. Tried reinstalling all USB drivers. Basically, I've tried almost everything, don't know what else to try. Next problem "Can not root the tablet/delete the virus from the tablet itself." the device barely lets me install anything at all, even simple actions like opening menu often just restart the device and leaves it with more viruses. 1. Tried Factory restore, virus still stays. 2. Tried downloading APP's that root (z4root, KingoRoot) - don't work. 3. Tried uninstalling infected apps - they reinstal right over again, even make the device restart. 4. Tried disabling device administrators. 5. Tried a few antiviruses. 6. Tried stoping services. So I have no idea what to do next. Please help! P.S. Sorry for bad english, it's not my native tongue.
  2. Received push notification of urgent Android update but not sure it's real. How do I know? Where do I look for legitimate updates for Android?
  3. Hi, firstly, apologies if this is the wrong part of the forum to ask this! I've got an Acer E380 running 4.2. I suddenly seem to have a load of "apps" in the settings>apps>all list, apps such as "MTK logger", "MTK android suite Daemon" and others such as "omacp". These all have worryingly high amounts of permissions - all are allowed to send texts, call numbers, access, modify and create contacts, accounts, etc. I have no recollection of installing these, and it looks to me to be some form of virus (and a little research online seems to back this up). I've run kasperskey and AVG virus scans yet they say my device is clean - so I'm now at all as to what to do? Is this a virus and if so, how do I remove it, as there seems to be no .apk that has caused it. Many thanks
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