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Found 2 results

  1. So, here's what I did. I rooted my Samsung Galaxy 2 Tab. I didn't like the fact that I had to try so hard to get on Google Play, I wasn't aware of the ease of getting working apps... Regardless... XDA came out with a way to "unroot" the Androids and they say it returns them to stock EVERYTHING. So much that the manufacturer will not be able to tell it was ever rooted. My question is: If I have to send it back in, how can I tell if the manufacturer will know if its been rooted? Thanks! DonnieGalaxy2
  2. hey guys, I am new to this forum and actually new to android. I am planning to get samsung galaxy s3 and need your help. Firstly, I was wondering about warranty. Once I get the device is the warranty handled through carrier or directly samsung? I used to have a blackberry and warranty was handled strictly though carriers. I had a problem, I got blackberry from rogers, unlocked and used it on fido, so when I needed warranty repair/replacement I couldn't because rogers told me that the device wasn't registered on their network and fido could not send it for repairs/replacement because they didn't have that model for sale. It was so stupid. So i was wondering if I get the phone from rogers/bell/telus and use it on different network how would the warranty work? Or if i get it from pacific mall (place where chinese sell electronics) how the warranty will work? Also, what's the implication of warranty if I get the international version? Secondly, is it difficult to unlock the device? Is it like unlocking Iphone(jailbreak->unlock->no update or lose unlock) or is it like blackberry (input code->unlocked forever)? Thanks guys in advance
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