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What Carrier do you have for service?


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I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile after they started charging $30 to take advantage of their New Every Two upgrade... that was the last straw for me after they took away their unlimited data plans (unless you were grandfathered in). Now they're making everyone (even single line accounts) use the Family Share Plans. You have to pay $30 PER LINE for a NON-smartphone and $40 per line for a smartphone. Just ridiculous. 


I don't even get 2G up here, but I can still call and text and send/receive emails just fine. And T-Mobile lets you make calls and text via WiFi, so I'm always good at home or when I'm on campus. I pay around $70.00 for unlimited everything with T-Mobile.


Somehow I was always paying at least $120.00 when i had Verizon and a single line on the account, it jumped up to $180.00 (that's with a corporate 20% discount!!) after I added my husband to my plan. Blech. Soooo happy to be cancelling my Verizon line once my contract is up this August. I was a loyal customer to them for about 10 years before they started pulling this crap. Still can't get over Verizon's CEO calling people who took advantage of their unlimited data plans "hogs"... don't offer an unlimited plan if you don't expect people to take full advantage of it, Verizon. 


In a nutshell: T-Mobile gets much better coverage than I thought it would... and the phone (Samsung Relay 4G) even provides perfect GPS when I don't even have enough reception to make a call out here in the country, and their plans are very reasonable (IMHO). :)

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Looking for advice on new carrier.  I'm with Verizon in the SF Bay Area currently.  I've noticed that the Verizon network  has become increasingly congested and now am losing my corporate discount as a result of job change.   Am considering Sprint and T Mobile, I understand they both are building out their 4G coverage. Does anyone have any experience with either of these carriers? 

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3 (three UK) Sim only deal The one plan. £15 per month  12 month contract term includes:


2,000 minutes to any standard UK number, or UK mobile number

5,000 texts (SMS)

5,000 minutes +5,000 texts to any number on the same carrier

un restricted unlimited "all you can eat" use as much as you like data on the phone

un restricted unlimited "all you can eat"/use as much as you like tethering to use on a laptop/pc/computer or any other device


If i took the 1 month contract option it would cost £18 per month, and with a decent/top end phone ( ie galaxy s4) over a 24 month period the cost would be £34 per month


roughly GB£15 = US$25

GB£18 =US$28

GB£34 = US$53

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