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ok have a optimus V running Backside i.h.o 7.2. trying to change my boot animation, have tried everything used root explorer some apps, with no success. any clues..... have changed file name, permissions, looked in system/media(where they are) and looked in data/local(just to be sure). have tried everything i know of. any one else got a clue.......?

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First you need to find a boot animation you like. With the Optimus V make sure it has the proper 480 by 320 resolution otherwise it will NOT work.


Rename the file bootanimation.zip


Place the file on your sd card


Get a root app. Root Explorer is popular but AndroZip, ES File Manager and Andro Explorer are all other options that all for root manipulation. I use androzip because its free and has tablet support


Using your root app copy the boot animation then go into your root files.


System/media/ delete your old bootanimation.zip and paste In the new one.




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SOLVED.....i just reflashed backside and it works now


Does any one know how to get rid of the backside boot animation

The straight foward way is listed above


If your version of iho is new enough you have a built in feature. Have the one you want on your sd card labeled bootanimation.zip


Go into settings-cyanogenmod settings-inferface

at the boot is called select boot animation where you can restore. Preview. Or in our case choose a new boot animation tap that then find the one want that you labeled bootanimation.zip and select that. And your done


Again make sure your animation is 480 by 320 or HVGA

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thanks i know all that, thats obvious. wouldn't work when i did it thru cyangenmod settings( and no i didn't have "don't show boot animation selected") and wouldn't do it thru root explorer. I guess backside didn't flash right the 1st time. flashed it a 2nd backside a 2nd time and got it to work thru root explorer.


now i want to the actual backside startup animation? to somthing smaller, the default one laggy.( i kmnow its from the phone booting up but i want to change it to a still photo. any clues where that file is. a bunch of people have said its in Framework-res.apk, then go to assets/images. but the only one there is the android one.


anyone know?

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