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Motion/Tilt detection in racing games - are there user settings?


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I use a NATPC M009S RTB ULTIMATE 16GB running ICS. Brilliant 7" tablet I have to say.


The only problem is that some (but not all) racing games seem to have problems with orientation or the tilt detection. When I hold the screen upright (portrait) the vehicles move to the right. The tilt detection seems to want me to use the game in landscape mode, but the game display only works in portrait.


The question is: is there a way to recalibrate the tilt detection for the games with which I have problems? It works fine for everything except some of the racing games.



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Sorted! In Settings, Display, there is an option for an alternative Motion Sensor setup. Fixed the probblem with the rogue driving games. Bit of a nuisance having to switch but the good thing is


a: I know it isn't a fault and

b: at least there's a workround


Thought this might be useful for others, hence the reason for me answering my own question.



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