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Size/Resolution of contact photos - Samsung Galaxy S3


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As far as I know there isnt any way to sharpen up the quality of the contact photos? I recently bought the Samsung Galaxy S3 and as everybody knows it has a pretty big screen with awesome quality. Until you start calling someone in your contact list. You cant barely see what the picture represent If you have synced a FB contact(image) or added one by yourself. A big dissapointment.


It would be very nice if you could, atleast, choose in some menu what kind of quality you want. What are your thoughts about this? I guess it can't be that hard to fix since there are third party apps wich can make the contact photos look way better but in my point of view you shouldnt have to use different apps to solve this problem.


Sorry about my school english but I think you understand what I'm trying to say.


Best regards


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This is an interesting topic. I don't sync my contact pics from Facebook, but from what I know about FB's API they really only send a pretty small picture. What I've done is I take snapshots of friends or use my own pictures for each contact. It's more work but the quality tends to be better. Any thoughts on that approach?

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It's 500 X 500 pixels with 72 ppi since its just for the screen. When choosing the image for the contacts, don't use the kies software to input the picture. Save the 500X500 image on your phone and add it one by one manually to the contacts to get the picture quality right.


Try using the following image.


Kirith Siva

Graphic/Web Designer



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