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Android SQLite database question.


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So I'm making an app that displays products on a ListView using a SimpleAdapter and basically what I have done is create a database object and I can send a product object to have it saved to the database or I return either individual products or an ArrayList of products.


In my ListView activity I create an ArrayList of product objects and call the ArrayList return method. Then bind everything to the ListView. When the user selects an item on the ListView it goes into a details page that displays information about the product selected.


I was thinking of sending an Intent with the rowID of the product in the database and then have the details screen pull the product from my DataBase object.


I was wondering:

Would keeping the database open() for the ItemSelected page increase efficency?

I could call,

Product myProduct = new Product(MainActivity.DataBase.getProduct(SQLRowID))?


Or would I just have to create a new DataBase object in the new activity and open() it?

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