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AppsLib but want google play instead is there a way?/


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I want the orbot app which isnt in the appsLib store and my tablet the ARNOVA 8 G3 8in Touch Tablet - Android 4.0 uses appsLib however the app is in the google store so how can i i get the app is there a way i belive there is just dont know exactly how any help/ideas its not rooted and i DONT want to root it.

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In order to use Google Play the OEM has to go through Google and most of the smaller ones don't. They a better cut of profits from their third party app stores. Getting Google Play on a non-support device is a pain in the ass and involves a massive effort and rarely works. The Google apps need their own framework to work properly


You can sideload a other marketplaces without rooting and give them a try


The Amazon app store is a huge alternative to Google Play



You also have the option of Getjar which has a smaller selection then Amazon but it is alright



SlideME is another alternative to AppsLib but it doesn't have much to offer except some video game emulators


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