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Vimicro 7 inch with Android 4.0 and GPS - anyone hase information/reviews on this tablet?


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i want to buy this tablet:


Its called Vimicro Android 4.0 Tablet PC 7.0 Inch with GPS. Its pretty hard to find any information on this tablet, so maybe someone of you can help me identify it, if there are other tablets that have the same core or are the same with different label.


All the information i have are the specs and that its called "v708" on aliexpress, but this does not help a lot.




Tablet Data Capacity:8GB

Screen Size:7"

Battery Life:4hours

Processor Manufacture:Vimicro

Touch Screen Type:Capacitive Screen

Processor Main Frequency:1GHZ

Memory Capacity:1GB

Feature:Wifi,GPS,Webcams,Multi Touch,HDMI,G Sensor,Camera

Operating System:Android 4.0

Display resolution:800x480

Weight:330 g

Model Number:V708

Processor Model:VC882 ARM Cortex A8

CPU:Vimicro VC882 ARM Cortex A8 1GHZ processor

OS:Android 4.0.3

Memory:DDR3 1GB

Camera:Built-in front camera


GPS:Build in

LCD:TFT 7'' Capacitive 5 Point Touch Screen 800*480 pixels

2.0USB Port*:1



Does anyone have this tablet and/or can tell me if there are any other tablets that are the same where i can find some reviews or information on the tablet? I want to use it for a journey to asia, so i dont want to bring something expensive in case i lose it.

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How much will this tablet cost? Right now the Nexus 7 is probably head and shoulders above that, but it won't be available till mid July. You can't beat it at $199. This tab you are referring to has a lousy screen resolution, awful battery life, and poor processor.

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Now, the tablet itself is "nice": nice plastic, 2.0 real size usb port+mini usb+mini HDMI, pretty "fast" for a price of €70-80 euro .I even like the shape and the form factory, very compact and not heavy, even if the audio si pretty low. Now, the problem is that the one I got has inverted touchscreen and MyEfox sent me (after tons of email) the same buggy firmware.The ICS firmware is purely a beta, this kind of CPU was born for 2.2 - 2.3 . Another BIG problem is the file build.prop where GPS infos are setted for ASIA only, so GPS WONT' fix if you are not in asia or if you don't root the tablet (no way to do it at the moment)...so...it's just a nice and expensive piece of plastic, I hope someone will make a decent rom that will fix touchscreen drivers! You can even see on youtube the problem (I made a video for them since they don't want me to RMA!!!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e33JgBz3rPQ&feature=youtu.be

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