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Who's using it?

Who Likes it?

What would you change about it?


I converted my iTunes Library over to G-Music about... 3 or 4 months ago and I have not looked back since.

I really like it even though the interface/GUI is not all that great. I installed Google Music Manager on my desktop that has my iTunes folder/account.

What it allows me to do is if I happen to download a new song off of iTunes to put on my iPod Touch for work it automatically uploads the song I downloaded to G-Music and tosses it on the cloud for me so I can access it on any of my Android Devices.


One of the biggest things that bugs me is I have a ton of tracks on G-Music that have either No Album Covers or the Wrong Album Covers.

I also have tracks from other downloaded sources that either had incorrect ID Tags or ID Tags that were not filled out so my G-Music playlist music listing is all jacked up.

So I really wish Google would make some sort of Cleaning Application for G-Music. Something that will go through my tracks and clean them up adding the correct Album listing and correct CD Covers.


I have been trying to find a way to contact Google to ask about adding this feature, but I have had no luck finding an email or anything.

I also just yesterday had my first problem with G-Music. I bought a song Eminem - Rain Man from the Music Market. It never downloaded to the phone.

I went to G-Music's website and it was on that and I added it to my Gym Playlist and I rebooted my phone hoping G-Music would reload/re-sync with the cloud and it never did.

So I cannot even access the song on my phone.

I am currently in the process of removing G-Music from my phone and I am going to re-install it to see if it's just a bug on my end.


When I first got G-Music I was pretty impressed with the fact that I could get $.49 cent songs. I have noticed since then though the prices are back to where iTunes is.. Ranging between $.99 cents and $1.29.. Tad disappointed there.. Oh well though.


The only other complaint I have, but it is not Google's fault is the damn DRM that Apple put in the music files back when they first started offering music. I have quite a few songs from back then and G-Music would not/could not upload them to the cloud due to the DRM Copyright Protection in them. While there are ways around it I did end up just re-buying some of those tracks from the Android Music Market.


Sorry this is long and sorry the grammar might be horribad. I am tired and I sort of wanted to rant, but at the same time I wanted to post my feelings and get your thoughts on the application as well.


So anyways we should all ban together and get Google to add some sort of Music Cleanup App to clean up our Music Tracks.



So I uninstalled G-Music and Re-installed it and now my song I bought on the Android Music Market the other day is showing up.

Lets just hope I don't have to do that very often.

When you uninstall G-Music any music you had the application store offline ends up getting deleted as well and you have to re-download them. (or at least I did.)

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I'm using it, and I think it's great, but I do have one issue. There doesn't seem to be any way to upload playlists. I guess iTunes playslists upload and work, but for those that don't have iTunes and already have m3u playlists, it appears you're out of luck and have to re-create them. I have playlists with 600+ songs in them and I don't feel like making them all over again. I would also like to see a sharing option as in just updating to Twitter, Google+, or Facebook, what you're listening to.

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