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help cant transfer data


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so my gs2 worked fine for the first few months but now if i try to transfer music or any file to the phone it just says its copying but it never ends. i left it there for and hour and the same thing happens or it says file was unable to transfer do you know a way i can fix it or a way i can reboot the phone

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I am not sure to be honest.

If you can what I would do is pull out the SDcard (assuming that is where you are transferring the data too) put it into your PC or Laptop using some sort of card reader.

Backup your junk and reformat the card. Just do like a quick erase on it.

Put your junk back on it and see if that helps.

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I would check the phone and SD card's capacity and make sure you haven't filled one or the other as well. If you have, an app like App2SD can help you move files around to balance the memory requirements a little better.

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