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Galaxy s3 warranty


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hey guys,


I am new to this forum and actually new to android.


I am planning to get samsung galaxy s3 and need your help.


Firstly, I was wondering about warranty. Once I get the device is the warranty handled through carrier or directly samsung? I used to have a blackberry and warranty was handled strictly though carriers. I had a problem, I got blackberry from rogers, unlocked and used it on fido, so when I needed warranty repair/replacement I couldn't because rogers told me that the device wasn't registered on their network and fido could not send it for repairs/replacement because they didn't have that model for sale. It was so stupid. So i was wondering if I get the phone from rogers/bell/telus and use it on different network how would the warranty work? Or if i get it from pacific mall (place where chinese sell electronics) how the warranty will work? Also, what's the implication of warranty if I get the international version?


Secondly, is it difficult to unlock the device? Is it like unlocking Iphone(jailbreak->unlock->no update or lose unlock) or is it like blackberry (input code->unlocked forever)?


Thanks guys in advance

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Warranties are done by the carriers in the U.S., where do you live? Note, you only get a one year warranty, but the carriers force you to sign a 2-year contract so in a sense you are screwed for the second year unless you play approximately $6 per month for additional coverage. Not cheap, plus there's usually a deductible of around $80 or so. On the flip side it covers accidental damage that wouldn't be covered by a warranty like getting it wet.


As to unlocking, there are so many tutorials out there so it won't be hard. I'm not familiar with iPhone or BlackBerry, but I believe the methods are different.

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