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How to make this chnages for my S3 phone


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Hi there


I will be getting a NA version S3 this afternoon, I already have a 32GB Microsd card on hand, may I know where should I go to change the default and make sure all the stuff will be save to the external 32GB card instead.


Please kindly shed me some light.

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You can't make it the universal default from what I know. You need to go into separate apps to do it. For example if you want the camera to save all photos to the SD card, you can set it there. Actually when you insert the SD card for the first time and then open the camera app, it will ask you if you want to set it as the default. Also you can set in the settings (in the camera app). Scroll down to almost the bottom and you will see storage, just tap it and you can set it to the phone or memory card. Also in the Browser, you can change it in settings. Just hit the menu key, then scroll down to settings, then Advanced. You will see Default Storage. Tap on it and you can set it to phone or memory card. As for apps, you would have to move them manually, but I doubt you would need to do that because you will have more than enough space on the GSIII's internal storage and performance will be better.

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