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To reference a custom view in java file and place all of them in a single XML layout file?


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I would like to place a custom view in the bottom of the main.xml file.following is my Activity class and my custom view class(game.java):I want the game view to appear on the bottom of the main.xml file.Please tell me how to get on with it....I think the idea is to have a layout set in main.xml and then have the custom view on the layout.My main objective is to have the custom view appear on bottom half of main.xml layout.Please help me!!!!!




public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {


//For custom view


RelativeLayout r=(RelativeLayout) findViewById(R.id.relative1);

g=new game(this,null);

ViewGroup vgroup=(ViewGroup) findViewById(R.id.main);


Thread mythread=new Thread(new UpdateThread());








//Game.java(custom view)

public class game extends View{



private Bitmap image;

private Paint paint;

private int x=0;private int baseY = 250;



public game(Context context,AttributeSet attrs) {



this.inflate(context, R.layout.example, null);


paint =new Paint();





public View getlay (RelativeLayout r)


return r;



public void onDraw(Canvas canvas)



canvas.drawLine(90, baseY,200,baseY, paint);






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