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Which high end phone to get (Summer 2012)


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Now that more of the high end phones are released I might use my hardware upgrade to get something. I'm using a Nexus One, and I'm tired of the limited app space (I'm constantly having to delete apps), poor multi touch (well known Nexus One issue), and poor battery life.


What do you guys suggest? I worry some of the new high end phones are too big, since I'm used to 4" screens now, and the 4.8" monsters out there seem ... monstrous. Then on the flip side I'm considering if I'm going to get a huge phone I might be better off waiting for the Galaxy Note 2. Hehe.


Are there any high end phones with excellent battery life, around 4.2-4.5" in size? Any other recommendations?

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Within that size range your choices are kinda limited


Xperia Ion and Xperia S are good smaller display options but they come with Gingerbread and that promise for ICS.


If you go a little bigger the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a great device at 4.65in. The latest version of Android straight from Google so you know it works.


For excellent Battery life the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX. Bit of a mouthful but it has a smaller display (weak resolution is a con), the latest version of Android, and a stupidly large battery.

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I am using the new HTC Evo LTE - the phone is a bit bigger than the OG Evo 4G that I used to have, but it still fits in my hand and my pockets as well as the OG Evo did.

In fact I am even using the Defender Series Otterbox case on this new phone and it's about as thick that the OG Evo with a case on it.


While the screens are getting bigger, the phones are getting slimmer. So keep that in mind.

I have not been posting anything about my phone here. Mostly on Facebook and G+.

I'll add some screenies at the bottom.


This was pretty much all day use of Web Browsing and Facebook.

12 - 1.png


This was hardly using the phone at all over the weekend.



This is Yvonne Strahovski my dream girlfriend. :wub:


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I was considering the Galaxy Nexus but I thought it was getting a little long in the tooth.


Re: HTC - I don't think I'll be buying HTC again in the near future. I've had lots of reliability issues with the Nexus One and everyone I talk to thinks it is an HTC problem. Even speaking with reps at stores they tell me they get a lot of complaints from customers (eg returned handsets) from HTC. Not sure how substantiated that is, but I think I'm ready to try out another brand.


I'll keep fiddling with the Galaxy SIII in stores and see if I can get used to the larger size.

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