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Chinavasion Cyberstar Dual SIM Smartphone


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I recently bought one of these phones from Chinavasion.com as the spec was very attractive: 4.7" screen, dual SIM, 16MB SD support, 2.3.5 Gingerbread. Got the phone and set it up. All worked fine except data. Having tried every combination of menu set up, spent a lengthy amount of time with my very helpful SIM provider and even used SIM's from my buddies Samsung SII phones which worked for data. which didn't work in my phone, I established that the Cyberstar menu is missing any facility to set packet data. As a last ditch I decided to see if Chinavasion could help. As I suspected, support was non existent and I post the online support chat below to act as a salutary lesson to all who might be contemplating buying this phone - or indeed any product I suspect, from this Chinese online wholesaler:


Jason [Chinavasion]: Hi, how can I help you?

Hi Jason, I really hope you can help

Jason [Chinavasion]: Hello.

I have just bought a Cyberstar Android phone fron you guys and I love the phone, but I have a major problem in that I cannot get the phone to work with data or WAP

Jason [Chinavasion]: I see.

Jason [Chinavasion]: Have you consulted the product manual for help?

Wifi works fine, and it works fine as a phone, but there seems to be a key menus missing from the Android OS

yes I have used the manual but it is very rudimentary and doesn't help

all aother Android phones I have looked at have a menu called "Use packet data" in the mobile phone settings menu, but this is completely absent from the menu in the Cyber star

Jason [Chinavasion]: As we are wholesalers and not retailers, I am sorry to say that we cannot offer further technical support for this product. May I suggest contacting a local professional for installation or usage help?

I have used SIM's from friends who have working Android phones, and I have the same problem when I put them into my Cyberstar

no one will touch this phone as it is an unfamiliar model and they have no idea what to do

Jason [Chinavasion]: I am sorry for the inconvenience. I am really sorry to say that as the wholesaler we cannot offer technical support. Please consult any of your local professionals for help.

so my investment in your product stops there?

Jason [Chinavasion]: Please read this detailed article for Chinavasion warranty and returns terms and conditions:

Jason [Chinavasion]: http://support.chinavasion.com/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=131

Jason [Chinavasion]: Are you buying for reselling or for personal use?

personal use

have to say your response is unacceptable

Jason [Chinavasion]: I see.

Jason [Chinavasion]: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

you should at least direct me to where your supplier is so maybe they can help me

Jason [Chinavasion]: I am afraid we do not have supplier information with us at the moment.

so that's it?

Jason [Chinavasion]: Please consult any of your local professionals for help.

Jason [Chinavasion]: Anything else would you like to assist you?

Simon Brett: no

Jason [Chinavasion]: Thank you for visiting. Please contact us at anytime.

Jason [Chinavasion]: It's been great chatting with you. To help us improve, please click "close" in the top right of this chat window and take a few seconds to submit feedback about our communication.


Curiously the feedback page came back as unobtainable.


Lesson learned - you buy cheap you buy twice!


...Should have bought a Samsung :(:(:(

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