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I'm Joe aka DaBatMan. I have just purchased my 2nd Android device and I'm looking to get the most out of it. It's an LG Optimus M+ thru MetroPCS.


First things first... I want a nice clock to add to my home screen. I've tried transparent clock 2x2 (too small) and I now have PopClock up (wish i constant and that i didn't have to click the icon every time i wanted to see it displayed). Suggestions welcomed as I began my search of the forum.



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Welcome to the Talk Android Forums, we have a lot of friendly members, though not too many really active ones. We always welcome new comers


In terms of nice looking clocks, i have used a LOT of different clocks.

My smartphone, the LG Optimus V uses this one. It is relatively light weight app and my V has limited storage


My Tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wifi uses HD Widgets. It has a LOT of options and is a lot bigger (file size) then a lot of other Clock widgets


I used beautiful Widgets and Fancy widgets for a while as other options. My Girlfriend still uses Beautiful widgets, which has a LOT of skin options if you like changing the look out of your UI like we do.



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