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Verizon Data Plan


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Let me cut right to the chase. I have a buddy who is with Verizon. If we rooted his phone to open up the mobil wifi hotspot, is he still going to wind up paying huge data fees? I have no problem rooting the phone but they still know how much data it is using, don't they?


He's a car salesman. He's out on the lot all day and has been running back to the office for every little thing you might have to look up online. He just wants to be able to call it up on his tablet and save the marathon to and from the office all day long. With Verizon, the data plan already starts at $20 a month and you get like 2 gigs a month for that. It goes up from there. He probably uses 2 gigs a day.


Any info would be appreciated. Links even more so.

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Is tethering even allowed ? I thought you were in breach of your contract


It can be included in the plan now... and because the data is not unlimited, they don't care how you use it.   In fact, to them, the faster you use it up tethering the quicker they can charge overages!!

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@abbygale : No problem at all, you can ask questions over here after all this is why this forum is created for but yes you should created a new thread instead of hijacking some one els for answers. :D Anyway Tethering is a method through which you can make your device behave like Wi-Fi Hotspot. Once you turned tethering on any device with wireless connection can connect to the internet via your smartphone internet connection. 

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