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Apple to Android - Transfering the Contacts


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First do the following in your iphone:


01) Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars

02) Under Accounts select icloud


* Select "Keep on My iPhone" after the following step.


03) Turn "OFF" all the options > Select "Keep on My iPhone"


04) Connect to iTunes

In iTunes, Do the following


05) Select your Device name

06) Select "info" on the top

07) Check Sync Contacts with

08) Select Outlook

09) Select "All contacts" or choose the one that you would like to be transferred.

10) Hit Apply (& wait few mins for iTunes to finish)


On your computer do the following,


If its a PC,


11) Start > and type "wab" (without the quotation marks)

12) open the (wab) program

13) Select Export

14) Select CSV

15) Select Export

16) Select your desired destination, choose a name and save the file


if its a MAC,

After step 10, Open the address book > File > Export > Select VCards > Export > And follow from Step 17


17) Open Gmail

18) Click on the top left corner where it says "Gmail" and select "Contacts"

19) Click on "more" > "Import"

20) Choose the file you have saved & Hit "Import"


All done. Once this is completed all the contacts should automatically show up on your Android device.

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