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Can I develop apps for Kyros MD7042?

Peter Wade

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I just bought a Corby Kyros MD7042. It is running Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich but for some reason they have crippled it so it can't run the Google Android Market app. I tried to install it but it refuses to install the Google Services Framework apk.


I can't install Google Services Framework, does this mean I won't be able to run apps developed with the Android SDK?


If I can write my own apps I might get some use out of this thing. If not I'll take it back and argue that since the salesman said it works with the Android Marketplace they must give me my money back.

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I would try and get your money back and blame the saleman. Gethar sucks honestly. Amazon is a little better but still bad. There are better tablets available for real cheap.

Nexus 7

Kindle Fire

Nook Tablet

Galaxy Tab 2 7in.



To answer your question. Yes you can develop apps for it. The google service framework does not affect the normal android sdk. Only the google apps. All other apps should work if you side load them the apk files. There are plenty of sites that can help with this but the legality of some of them are questionable lol. But then you have the issue of developers restricting devices' you would have to modfiy your build.prop to trick these apps into thinking your tablet is something else.

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Thank you for the info bdfull3r.


I think I'll hang on to this tablet, with a bit of effort I think I can get it to do most of the things I wanted it for even if it is isn't perfect.


I found a couple of free apps where you can download the apk files from the developer's website and install them through the file browser, is that what you mean by "side loading?"

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