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Android non-standarsisation

Peter Wade

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I started off with a Samsung 10inch tablet. I really like it and the apps that I can get in the google app store but I wanted a smaller, pocket size tablet that I can carry around. So I bought a Kyros.


This says on the box that it runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich so I thought great, I'll just log on and install my favourite free apps. No, not possible. There is no google market app on the Kyros, just something called Getjar that doesn't have any of the apps I want. I searched the web for instructions to install the google store but they don't work. So it seems I'm stuck with the limited selection in Getjar and a few apps where you can download the apk without having to use a store website.


This is stupid. When I buy a PC with Windows 7 Home edition I can install any application for Windows 7 Home as long as my PC is powerfull enough. I have never been told "Yes, it's for Windows 7 but not for your PC". I bought a device that says it is an Android 4 tablet. It didn't say "restricted version Android 4" or "sort of Android 4 but not really", so I expect to be able to install any Android 4 app.


How can Android expect to be taken seriously when you get stuck with limitations like this?

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Blame Kryos not Google. The Play Store is available to any Android OEM who fulls the necessary steps. The store isnt part of Android it is extra. Your tablet can probably run a lot of apps. Get the apk files ad find out.


Your windows comparison is flawed. Microsoft doesnt have a central store for media' not yet anyways. Any windows app you have go ou of your way to get the .exe or. Batch install files. Same with Linux or Mac OS.


For a better app selection get the Amazon App Store and deal with it or get anew tablet.

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