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promote the forums and general topic section

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This has more to do with main site then forums but i think talk android should feature some of better posts or popular topics in a article once in a awhile. It would help drive uup member count and poster confidence.


Posts like this one


Or this one





My other thought is a general android section. The first link above is in off topic because he doesn't have anywhere else to post ir

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I know its not proper to burrow from the competition but i was thinking more along the line of what Android Central does. Maybe not as often but promote some of the better threads. They don't necessarily have to be popular ones.


My reasoning behind this is that Users who check the site from an RSS feed or news app don't see that forum widget on the side of the page. Any way to spread the forums or even that there is a forums when you aren't doing give away is a good thing imo




Also i was more concerned about creating a general section. A lot of topics are stuck in the lounge or in the wrong sections of forum because they don't really fit anywhere else.

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I'm in agreement with doing this. When you think there is a topic that's worthy please send me a direct message or email me. I'm going to do up a post on the contacts. I don't think I will on the applications one though for now.

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Perhaps one of the mods or admins could be the designated welcoming committee. I've noticed a lot of people sign on and make a welcome post that goes ignored. I said hello to a few but I felt like it wasn't my place. I never made such a post when I joined because I'm one of those busy body jerks who just shows up one day and acts like he grew up there but a lot of folks making that introductory post are really just putting a toe in the water to test the temperature. Not saying hello could make it feel like the water is mighty cold. They're reaching out and gauging interest in their involvement.


Also, is there a way to get a spell check on the reply window? The default Firefox one doesn't seem to work here. I looked it up and that is in fact how you spell committee up there but it just doesn't look right to me. B)

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