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Galaxy Nexus Strange Wi-Fi Issue


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I hope someone can help as this problem has me stumped.


My galaxy nexus, running jelly bean 4.1.1, has been connected to my home router without any issues. Last night my ISP had some maintenance and my Internet went down over night. In the morning the Internet was back on but my galaxy nexus states temporarily avoiding connection. My iPad and mrs blackberry have re-connected without any problems and are using the Internet without any problems.


No here is the strange bit. When I go to the advanced settings and de-check the avoid poor connections the nexus connects to the wifi but the icon is greyed out but there is no Internet connection or mobile network connectivity. It also turns the Internet off for my iPad and laptop connected via Ethernet. As soon as I turn Wi-Fi off on the nexus the mobile network comes back as does my Internet connection on my laptop and iPad.


I have also factory reset my phone and have forgotten the Wi-Fi network and re added but the same thing happens.


Any help would be much appreciated.


Many thanks,



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