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rooting samsung galaxy y s5360


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Hi All,

I am new to android marked and just brought an android mobile(samsung s5360 with gingerbread 2.3.6 version android OS). I want to remove some of the apps installed in my mobile(I don't like/use those apps in my mobile). Could anyone help me in rooting my mobile and also please let me know if there is any harm in rooting my mobile. Will there be any issue if i try to connect my mobile to net.


Thanks in advance.




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Hi Muniaraj. First of all there is a very good video on how to root your phone that you can find

. A great step by step video with links in the description to the files you want to download. Once you get the phone rooted the first time, I highly recommend paying for Titanium Backup Pro. It's like five bucks. Then you can flash ROM after ROM and the phone and restoring your apps and data will be easy. You can use the free version and get the same results but believe me, it is worth the five bucks in how much easier it is in the pro version.


As for any harm it might cause, I suppose the answer is in how well you follow the instructions. It is pretty straight forward but any time you erase the carriers operating system and replace it with a custom ROM, you run the risk of causing the phone some distress. It's unusual but none of it is without some risk.

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