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Mouse support in Android - Home / Menu / Back keys??

Phil Davis

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I have an S2 LTE, and my wife got one also. We are addicted!


So I got my hands on a USB to GO adapter, and I have seen keyboards, mice, thumb drives, OTHER PHONES, all kinds of crazy stuff working on here! (Even three wireless mouse receivers, and the Logitech unified one shows keyboard support!) I have an OLD USB keyboard with a USB hub, and it worked, along with a mouse plugged into the hub!


My question relates to Mice, and I am sure Bluetooth mice would also be the same. Android inclused support, even putting a mouse pointer on the screen for you, and giving you a speed adjustment! Very cool!


Here it is though - Using the mouse, how is it possible to access the Home / Menu / Back keys? Is there a gesture or something somewhere?


I have tried right clicking, center clicking, all four corners, tons of stuff. Can't find it. Maybe someone made an app to add support? I can't find one. Someone SHOULD make one!


I Know touch screens are all the rage, I just think it's neat to lay back in my chair with a mouse and run the phone.


Any ideas?

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