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Landscape rotate issue

Monico Dolor

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i purchased an IMUZ TX97 Tablet with android 4.03, although i have some issue with this, i still can accept them. The only problem that im a bit annoyed is with regards to the auto orientation. the auto rotate works but when im in lanscape mode with the camera on left bottom and i start an application in full screen mode the system auto rotates to the other side that i have to tilt the screen to work. is there any setting console or tools that can force applications to use existing rotation?

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hi thanks but this is exactly my problem. Done that but still the same. Auto Rotate on or not, if I position my tablet in landscape I can fire up things that will run in this orientation, but some app e.g. youtube or any movie apps forces landscape only in one lanscape position.


Assuming camera is on the left bottom (landscape A) and this is where I'm in, the moment those said apps are launched the screen rotates that the camera will be positioned to top right (landscape B). This is my problem, auto rotate is on or off this happens. Anyway it can be corrected?

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