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question about buying an app

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I have a Verizon Motorola Bionic phone that is active. It works good. I also have a previous Verizon HTC Thunderbolt that is not active with Verizon, but I still use it via its wireless connection option. Its mainly used for kiddies to play games & watch videos on. Both phones are linked to my one google gmail account so when I am in the online Google Play store (via a laptop or desktop) & want to install free apps on one of these smartphones, it lets me choose which of these two phones I want to put it on.


Now, I have never purchased an app yet, but was wondering about something regarding buying apps. If I purchase an app under my google/gmail account, can it usually be installed on BOTH smartphone devices since they are both linked to this one google account? Or do I have to pick just one and it can only be installed on a single device regardless of how many devices are linked to one account?


Finally, if it can be put on just one phone at a time, how does purchasing apps work when I get a new phone. Can I easily transfer it?

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For Android smartphones, you can buy the app once and install it on many devices. Google Play requires the use of a credit card, debit card, or carrier billing in order to buy apps but once you buy them you can use them at several devices at the time time.


When you buy a new Android phone, you just need to sync that new phone with your existing Google account, search for the apps, and redownload them at no cost to you.


The phones have to be Android, you can't buy Angry Birds on Android and then expect it to be free in the Apple or Windows Phone platform. The same goes the other way, if you buy a lot of Apple apps, and then get an Android phone, you can not bring those apps over with you.

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