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Jack Holt

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Well I will be the first one to kick this off. I would like to take some time to introduce myself. I am currently a student seeking my Bachelors in EMS Management. I have an AAS in Fire & Rescue. I have always had a love for technology stemming all the way back to when I was a wee kid when my mom purchased her first Mac Power PC. Since then it's evolved through various OS and software configurations finally resting on Android.


I am a Google buff through and through and my love for the Android OS started with the Droid Eris and Android 1.6. I graduated to the OG Droid and my love for the Google OS was cemented. Since then I have had the Droid X (until the botched GB update) the Droid Incredible 2, and both the RAZR and Rezound. The RAZR gave me issues and I returned it, then I "rented" the Rezound until the Gnex came out and I have to say I loved the Rezound, even with the gimmicky Beats Audio.


My current set up is the Gnex with Codename Android and since the custom install I have been in love with this phone. I also have an OG Transformer and I await ICS on that. I currently write for TalkAndroid, manage a small EMS company and am going to school full time. My fiance doesn't understand my love for this expensive hobby and she never will but at least she supports my habit. I look forward to what we can do with this forum and being able to share my love for all things tech and Android with like minded folk.

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I am 29, working on a degree in Computer Networking. I have been working at Schwans Home Food Service for about 10 years. I work in a -20deg freezer pretty much all day.

I would like to get a comfy deskjob lol!


I love the phone technology. This HTC Evo is actually my first Android Phone. I am the type of guy who will try to do the impossible to a piece of hardware just to see if I can do it.

I also love computers except I have not really done anything major to a PC since 2004.

I am getting pretty bored with this Evo 4G though and I am hoping Sprint will have some pimp phones in June when my 2 year contract is finally up with them.

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I'm 42, married, and work in high tech in Silicon Valley as a User Experience Designer. Been in love with technology since I was 8 years old, starting with Colecovision and Atari, all sorts of PC's, and finally Android gadgets. My first Android device was a Sprint HTC Hero, then the Evo 4G, and I'm currently rocking an Evo 3D, Xoom Wi-Fi, and Logitech Revue.

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I'm a young one (probably the youngest on the team haha) at 22, and I live in Canada, eh? I currently work in a restaurant preparing to pay my way through college. I'll be taking a 2 year computer programming course (which has an awesome Open-Source course focusing on Android development!) which I plan to extend to a 3 year advanced diploma. I'll most likely then use that to upgrade to a degree in computer sciences. We'll see.


I want to use that schooling to be able to provide both paid and open-source development both in software engineering and web design fields =) I'm packing a GS2 i727-r which is my first Android device, and I must say Android is really where it's at, and where it's going to be for a while.

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Actually Josh, I'm the youngest TA team member being 21 :P


I'm currently a Junior at my University pursuing a Bachelors in Computer Science and minor in Leadership. Aside from TA, my day job is my internship at NASA LaRC where I primarily work on web development and 3D environments.


I was first introduced to Android by way of my freshman college suite mate's Droid Eris. Back then I had just received an iPod Touch and was head over heels with it, despite my long time distaste for Apple. I had it jailbroken and completely Windows themed for kicks. Anyways he let me check it out for the evening and within a few hours I had it tethering and feeding internet into a 24 port switch. We had unfiltered internet! That's where my fascination with Android began. That following summer I got myself the HTC Droid Incredible and have learned so much since. I had always been a computer geek, and Android fit so perfectly with that need to tinker. Since then I've sold off the iPod and acquired an OG DROID, a Samsung Charge, a Galaxy Nexus, a Kindle Fire, & a Sony Google TV 32".


Being a computer science major, I desperately want to get into making Android apps. I've made like two so far, but nothing marketable lol (just a webview thing and primitive sudoku). Hopefully this summer I'll have the time to make some progress. So if any of you know any especially good reference texts let me know.


My current dynamic duo is the CDMA Galaxy Nexus running AOKP and the WiFi Motorola Xoom running stock ICS. B)

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