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Galaxy Nexus took a swim now has network issues


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I got pushed into the lake with my phone in my pocket. I got the battery out and opened it up, and broke the whole phone down and riced it for the night. Then I held it over a heater and AC to dry it all out. When I put it all together the antenna wire got pinched. It looked ok but it did have a good dent in it. It all went back together and turned on and functioned properly except it wouldnt connect to the network. Wifi works but no cell phone signal. I started to drive to the VZW store and it got 4g and connected. Then it wouldn't connect to 3g when 4g was turned off. The it connected to 3g. I turned around and went back to my house where I get both 4g and 3g no problem and it lost the signal. It won't connect to either. Im not sure if its water damage or if its cable damage. I found parts online and for $50 i can get a new cable and a new antenna/speaker assembly. For $100, I can get a whole phone that has a cracked screen that hasn't swam. Which one is a better option? I haven't tested speakers or mic due to no service. Is the ESN attached to the antenna/ radio or is it attached to the hard drive of the phone? If i put a new radio on will I need a new ESN? Thanks for the help.

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