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HTC Desire Internal Memory


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Hi All


First post here and I'm here as I'm beginning to tear my hair out!


Basically, I keep getting a message on my HTC Desire stating that my memory is low and I won't receive MMS/SMS.


Now, I have had a low memory warning for ages but this didn't usually impact on my internet browsing. Lately though, I've only been able to visit around 5-10 pages and the usage is full. This then forces a close of my browsing which is frustrating. I also have to continually go into my running apps and clear out the cache and history.


Why do I have to continously do this and can I clear anything out to get back to the way it was? Does having photos on the SD card impact on this at all? I have very few contact pictures so this isn't an issue.


Any help is greatly appreciated!



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