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Summary of commonly used terms Android phone


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(1) What is the STN?


STN (SuperTwistedNematic) is the electric field to change the original arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules are twisted 180 degrees to change the optical rotation state, the applied electric field to change the electric field through progressive scan, process repeatedly to change the voltage in an electric field, every point of the recovery process slow, resulting in the afterglow. STN and TFT's two largest difference is that the TFT performance is better than STN, STN than TFT power saving.


(2) What is TFT?


TFT (ThinFilmTransistor) is a thin film transistor, which means that each LCD pixel are integrated in the back of the pixel thin film transistor to drive, which can achieve high speed, high brightness, high contrast display screen information is the best LCD color display device is one of, its effect is close to CRT monitors, and now laptops and desktops on the mainstream display device. The TFT of each pixel are integrated in their own on the TFT to control, is an active pixel. Therefore, not only the speed can be greatly improved, but the contrast and brightness is also greatly improved, at the same time, the resolution also reached a very high level.


(3) What is the TFD?


Mobile phones continues to progress, in this case, people have higher requirements for the LCD performance is an important performance characteristics of the future mobile phone color LCD: (1) high-definition; 2) low power; (3) be able to handle moving images; 4) compact; Epson Co., Ltd. has been an active matrix LCD-the D-TFD (Digital Thin Film Diode) of commercial production, and has become a leading digital camera manufacturers. a. One of the important reasons are: the characteristics of the low-power (D-TFD) and the high quality / high speed of response (active matrix LCD features) comply with the requirements of digital cameras. More compact high-quality, low-power and structure of the new technology in such a D-TFD, we achieve a high level of the four requirements for the next generation of mobile phones. This LCD was known as the "MD-TFD".


4.TFT, STN and TFD LCD screen What is the difference?


The phone's display, STN mode, TFD mode and TFT types. The best image quality is used in the TFT mode, the notebook computer display most of them are of this type. However, TFT screen fine, but larger power consumption, and thus for cell phones, the battery is not durable shortcomings. The STN way, the worst in terms of image quality, but the power consumption and low cost advantages. TFD is precisely positioned in the middle of TFT and STN. Although the image quality slightly inferior to TFT, but the power consumption of less than TFT


What is the screen Pixel?


If we enlarge the image several times, you will find these continuous tone is in fact composed of many colors similar to the small square dots, these small square dots is the smallest unit to constitute the image pixels (Pixel).


What is the color gradation?


We often say that the mobile phone with color display, 256 colors, 4096 colors and 65,536 colors, standard, it is called, should be called Levels, we usually refer to the number of color. It means the number of colors in the phone's color screen can display up to. Some color screen phone will be 65,536-color propaganda 65,000 colors or 65K colors, just to easy to promote and easy for consumers to a good memory, so save some of the mantissa. 65,536 color expressed by the color of nature is still limited, but our eyes, it has been able to "real", so often call it the "true color". 256 colors and 4096 colors screen by the human eye would be difficult to restore the image have been the face of clear.


What is the monophonic ringtones?


Chord is a combination of sound by three or more (ie, a few notes at the same time pronunciation) This form, called chords. Of chords enhanced the performance of the melody, the harmony of colors also make music to get rich, well-coordinated fullness. Increase in cell phones, the one of the IC, yamaha the melody IC 726 series and more generally, in this ic pre-stored in a variety of musical instrument sound effects, play a midi song, if an instrument is used effect, from the ic in the call, the principle is probably the case.

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