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No internet via phone network after rooting xperai arc s


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Hello there, all, I wonder if anyone out there has had the same problem with no Internet via 02 network and only via my Routers or free WiFi.

I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S , bought in October 2011. I recently upgraded from Gingerbread to ICS. The phone worked even faster than it did before the upgrade. I recently rooted it using the instructions on developers web site and the phone worked even faster, and smoother than before.

The problem is that all the Apps, which used the Internet via the O2 2G and 3G before, will now only work through my Netgear or other Router and free WiFi like at Tesco or Hotels etc.

I have the Data box checked on networks in systems. The Apps are Opera mobile, You tube, Live ATC .net, Planefinder, flightradar24 , Marinetraffic, and shipfinder , etc.

I use Titanium back up Pro to move all apps to 32 gb sd card, except 9 apps which will not move from phone to sd card, using Titanium pro or Android assistant.

I clean the cashe every day with Titanium pro to preserve space on phone for upgrades and new apps , etc.

Is there a sustem app or file that I should not have moved to sd card.

I have restored the phone , after backing all contacts to PC , to factory state and then reinstall all apps from Google Play , and then moving them to the sd card , but the problem still exsists, any ideas, please, best regards, Duncan .

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