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Phonebook + MP3 Player - Two Great Applications for your SmartPhone-Enjoy!

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Application that allows you to contact the person in an instant. Just a touch, and you're done!

Key Features and Benefits:

Allows Insert, List, Find, Change, Remove, Clear Book.

In search may search by Name, Email, Telephone or where the results are instantaneous.

Allows you to insert picture in the contact

[****** IMPORTANT ******]

DPI Application: 240

No need for internet connection


Application Link: https://play.google....5kYS5saXRlIl 0.



MP3 Player


Application to play MP3 files on your SmartPhone automatically.


Main funcionalides and Benefits:


- Simple design and easy interactivity.

- Select Multiple files at once to the Playlist without duplicating the same song (if names are equal and are in the same way).

- Allows you to Play, Stop, Pause, Forward / Back on the Trail, go to previous / Next.

- Lets you know the information of Music (Track, Album, Artist, Music Name, Year, Total Time, Total Ski)

- Lets you remove a song individually.

- Allows Clear all PlayList

[****** IMPORTANT ******]

DPI Application: 240

- No need internet connection


Application Link: https://play.google....m1wMy5tb2IiXQ..

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