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I need Antibiotics....


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I have an LG-P925 running v 2.2.2....


I am an uber-n00b when it comes to phones but have been trying to improve my knowledge.


While browsing through my applications in the app manager, I found something that struck me as odd....


Although I have never installed Avast on my phone, there is a small app (780kb) installed with the name "avast! Thats-right!".... curious..


Upon further inspection, I found that the permissions list.... Holy Sh!t Batman! This program can read, edit, send, intercept and record ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING.... and I cannot uninstall it. It has full control capabilities and I have no way of changing it (cant locate it via my pc to forcefully uninstall)...











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Who is your carrier and is the phone rooted or still on the factory os? (If you don't know the answer to the rooting question then it isn't rooted) If you are still on 2.2.2 then you might be able to search for a firmware update in the phone and just upgrade to 2.3 (gingerbread). I can't think of a U.S. carrier that hasn't upgraded their lines to at least android 2.3 right now.


The other thing I would do is download Lookout Mobile Security from the Google Play Store and run a full scan for virus and malware. LMS is free. There is a premium version that has better control over back up data and restores and such but for a virus/malware sweep the free version will do the job just as well.


Avast is the name of another such anti-virus program but to my knowledge it doesn't come stock on any phones (although I wouldn't swear to that) so it is entirely plausible that the Avast file you found is a bug of some sort. People don't name their viruses Evil virus that will hurt you. They name them MS Updater or something innocent sounding. It seems to me if it were an innocent antivirus program it wouldn't be so difficult to uninstall though.


Do report back how it goes.

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Edit: Read last paragraph first then come back up and start over.


At this point, given all you've already tried, I would re-install a ROM from a recovery manager. You said the phone was rooted so the hard part is done. Download

to the phone and the Rom of your choice to your PC. I use Cyanogen Mod. They make a good quality ROM. I've used others but that is a fave for me. You download the ROM for your make and model phone and also the "gapps" (Google apps) file from the Google web site.


You then have to hard line tether the phone to your pc and drag and drop the ROM and the gapps file onto the flash card. I know you know how to do that because you indicated you were able to check for that virus with your pc. Just drag and drop the ROM file and the gapps file right onto the SD card. Make sure it doesn't wind up in another folder. They should both be in that first folder you come to when you open the sd card.


Once the ROM and gapps is on the SD card you can go a couple of different ways.


In option one you can boot back to the phone and do a complete backup of all your apps and files if you'd like. Use something like Titanium Back Up to completely back up everything on the phone. Then when you wipe out the existing ROM and all your files, you would only have to redownload Titanium backup from the Play Store, sign in and restore your files.


The problem with that option of course is, you might also wind up backing up and restoring the virus. Your call. If you have any data you absolutely can't live without, perhaps you could save that to your pc with the tether. It's up to you but option two is way more more likely to rid you of your malware.


Option two being to boot the phone into recovery mode using Clockwork Mod, doing a factory reset/data wipe and a cache partition wipe and the use the "flash zip from sd card" option to flash gapps, and then your ROM.


When you restart the phone it will not only be devoid of any of the apps you previously had on the phone but it won't have any of the files, settings, or for that matter the same operating system. Every byte of information that used to be on the phone will now be gone, including your lil' buggy. What it will have is a crisp, clean install of a new version of ICS.


From there you can reload your apps and date from Titanium if that was your choice, or you can sign back into the Google Play Store and redownload your apps individually. They keep a master list of your apps for you so you won't forget one. It's prestty easy to just go down the list and re-install them.


Your phone should have the same phone number it always did.


This of course will void your waranty but you already did that when you rooted the phone so no use worrying about it. Good luck with it. I warn you that you can do this wrong and screw up the phone. I would urge you to search youtube for visual instructions. If you brick the phone, I won't buy you a new one. This has all been done a kajillion times by now but nothing is fool proof. Good luck. Lemme know how it goes.

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