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Want to get a GNex after 2 years on Nexus S. How's battery life?


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So, I've read some reviews and did some research on forums about GNex and looks like it will be the next pick, because it's a Google phone and after using Nexus S for 2 years and getting all major updates on it, Google phone it is.

The only issue I had with Nexus S was the battery life and I never solved it, because I heard many bad things about extended batteries and such. For Nexus S I found a 3900mAh battery but never risked to buy it, but If I go for Galaxy Nexus, I'm afraid I will be getting even worse battery life than on Nexus S, so in this case I'm considering to get a 4000mAh battery from Mugen Power. I found this review about it http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1572775 and wonder if anyone here also used it.

Please let me know, maybe we could do a test thread here.

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Just wanted to say I have the "barely" extended battery from Verizon, but my battery life is a bit erratic. If I 'm at work all day I start getting low battery notifications around 7PM. However if I'm at home or around that area at least my battery life can be substantially better. It seems this phone tries too hard to search for signal. I live in a well covered 4G area but work in in an interior office building with, typically, 1x. Here's a pic of my battery life on a good day with the 2100mAh battery (This is also on AOKP ROM and Franco Kernel).


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