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Parrot Asteroid on a T-mobile Samsung Galaxy s 2


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So I called parrot to find out about the Dun feature where you can connect to the internet via bluetooth. They told me that it will not work with my Samsung and will only work with Motorola. I have tried several times with my Galaxy s2 and had no luck. He also told me that I can use USB tethering to make it work, but the carrier will charge about $25 a month. Tmobile charges about 15 a month, but of course, i dont want to pay that! I am rooted. I am wondering how I can USB tether without having to pay for it? I know there are apps like pdanet and usb tether lite but the problem that I am facing is that it requires me to install the software on to my computer to use. Since it is not a computer that I am trying to connect it to, but a car stereo, I am having an issue. I thought, hey maybe I can search for an app that doesnt require me having to download any software, but thats not looking so good. So here is my question. WHAT DO I DO? does anyone know of any tethering apps that will work for me? thanks in advance for your help.

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