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Any suggestions for dictionary not working?


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Hello all!

Found these forums while trying to google my issue, and great to find such a thorough place for everything that might come up!

After being behind the times for a while, I decided to plunge into a new smartphone, and settled on the ZTE Merit (990G). (based on various google results, I think it's also now known as at&t's Avail). After the initial geeking out period playing with the different options and apps, I linked my phone to my google accounts to be able to check stuff on the go, after which it 'helpfully' decided to import every single gmail contact into my phone Contacts. Eh, I can just go through and delete all the unnecessary ones.


But... I noticed a frustration when starting to then text messages... is the dictionary on this phone only work in certain modes? Because you know how you can decide whether to use the 'XT9 keyboard', or the 'Android keyboard'? Whenever I'm typing out my word in the Android keyboard, and the space between the keyboard and text box where it's supposed to intuitively suggest words, it does nothing. All/any of the words that it does sometimes suggest, are names from all the stuff imported into my contacts, or parts of their email/contact info. Not actual 'words'. Thanks, but no thanks, google.

Switch over to the XT9 keyboard and ta da, the intuitive word-suggestion dictionary works there. But shouldn't it work in either one? Not to mention I like the Android keyboard for having the microphone button available to just speak your texts or notes.

Any suggestions?

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