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Jelly Bean for Motorola Droid Razr (CyanogenMod 10)


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There is a Jelly Bean update for Droid Razr phones rooted with the unofficial CyanogenMod 10 ROM.. Although they say that this only works on Razr's, I guess this might also work on Razr Maxx. However, You will have to do the upgrade at your own risk.. I upgraded my Razr last weeka nd so far, everything is working fine :) :)

How to update Motorola Droid Razr to Jelly Bean

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Although Motorola is always late on delivering the updates, people outside of the company have already come up with a Jelly Bean update for the Droid Razr. The update runs on CyanogenMod 10 ROM. I already gave it a try and so far it's great! However, I found out that you have to be on stock stock .211 to do this. So if you are on the .215 leak, you will have to go back to .211 before installing this.. Have fun! Cool.png

How to Install CM10 Jelly Bean Update on Motorola Droid Razr


PS - Guys at CyanogenMod has said that this should also work on Razr Maxx.. Try at your own risk!

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