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Recommendation on what app to use

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Hi android-loving-peeps. Ok that was weird.


Anyway, I want to start a platform on which my friends and I can share news, content, updates and discuss each of them. Basically, I need something throught which we can share news ("Hey, whatchout, Facebook share is about to hit the shatf, short sell now!" + Link to relevant news), and each of us can add info ("Its going to drop around 5%, don't buy anything and sell before tomorrow"). Also, it should be possible to review old posts fast.


Basically shananigans like that. I want to know if there's an app that will allow us to do this, it would be nice if it was also compatible with Iphone as one of the bunch is runing an iOS.


So, in short: An app that will serve as a forum in our phones, that will allow discussion (not chat) and keep all the topics saved.


I thought of googlegroups, facebook groups, google+ and such, but I want to know if there's a lean and simple app that will do this and save us some trouble.



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I personally think that there is no need to make a new app. I think Facebook group is enough. just create a group and drag your friends in, no one will disturb you guys

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