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What android phone should i buy? Help me please.. BTW FILIPINO HERE


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Currently using Galaxy Y but i want more.. I want a bigger screen, w/ video call, can install HD games w/o rooting the phone, upgrade-able to ics 4.0, affordable ofcourse.. My choices are Galaxy Ace 2, Galaxy S, Galaxy S advance, Galaxy S Plus.

(if you have other suggestions, and ofcourse w/ the things i want it is indicated at the top)

Please include the specs and w/ almost the same price w/ galaxy ace 2,S ,S plus or S advance AND why should i buy the phone that you suggested..


Thx in ADVANCE.. GodBless smile.gif

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Well you can drop the S from your list. It's a good phone, and Samsung flagship two years ago, but it has a single core CPU, 512 MB of RAM, and officially, stuck on Gingerbread. The S Plus is a bit better, with the CPU running at 1.4 GHz, but it's still a single core, and still 512 MB RAM, so for newer apps and multitasking it'll still lag.


Based on your choices I'd go for the S Advance. It's only a little more expensive than the Ace 2, but it has double the internal storage, and a faster dual core CPU. No word on when it will get ICS, but with its specs it'll probably get an update.

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i will not recommend u Galaxy S3 as i noticed people facing problem with the device as:


i saw a review online:


I am having the dreaded battery drain problem on my new Galaxy S3.

This is a huge disappointment, and the phone is NOT performing as advertised. The battery life is terrible. I can watch the battery percentage drop as soon as I unplug the phone.Something is badly wrong with the Samsung Galaxy S3.


Better you can go for Sony Xperia Ion it will allow u all type of downloads.




Zoya Bennet,


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