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Get activity instance


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I have 2 classes that extend "Activity", MyActivityA.java and MyActivityB.java.

How do I start MyActivityB from MyActivityA and access its variables?

Comming from C++ I would expect something like:



MyActivityB actB=new MyActivityB();


actB.startActivity(new Intent(this, MyActivityB.class));


But this doesn't work. It throws an exception. By searching online I allways see starting an activity like this:



startActivity(new Intent(this, MyActivityB.class));

//But now how do I get an instance to MyActivityB class that was started?


I would really prefer to access the MyActivityB class public variables.

I know of passing parameters in the Intent using putExtra(), but I am looking for an alternative because of the complexity of the project that I am not going to discuss about here.



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