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Sub 100.00 Tablets to break your teeth in on


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If you are looking for a fun and inexpensive tablet to break your teeth in on or give it to the kids I suggest these...


If anyone has anything other please post it up....


I recently bought a nice little 7in tablet running Android 4.0.3 and thought I would share...


It is a Zenithink ZT-282 C71 upgrade (ZTPAD)


comes with Cortex A9 CPU @ 1.0ghz 1GB DDR3 and 8GB storage.




Runs Android 4.0.3 and does so very nicely. Battery life is 5-6 hours browsing or gaming. I've loaded music to it and listen to music and surfed the web and played games. Does fine.


I recently also loaded the Humble Bundle 3 for Android and the only game that it slightly struggles is Anomoly...there is some sound skipping but it doesnt happen often.


Comes preloaded with a ton of nice application but isnt bloated. Touch screen works very wll and the apps pop up rather quickly. Doesn't get hot while gaming either and thats a plus. For a 98.00 tablet I am well satisfied...


Another I was looking at is the WonderMedia 8850 also a decent tablet but with less ram... 512nm/4gb but on a faster A9 @ 1.5ghz


Just having some fun with it as of late.... :)

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I haven't found really any "cons" yet....


The tablet works very well. The reported issue is the WiFi range is short but can be modified by changing the antenna. Not a real issue for me. It plays games well as i have installed a Humble game pack and have been playing games like Anomoly and Fieldrunner...and listening to music at the same time.


This tablet comes with Adobe Flash 10.2 but it is NOT installed and you cannot get it from the market. I only learned of this by going to the Zenithink site and downloading and installing the latest firmware and there was a News Link for installing flash.


The only downside is the single core CPU as it does lag on Facebook Flashed based games. I knew it would and I didnt plan on using the tablet for that anyhow. Video quality is great especially gaming although I hear that the 9.7inch tablet have IPS panels (C91 and C97) Sound quality is decent from the onboard speaker and the use of headphones is superb.


Apps open and close fluid like and quickly. Other than trying Facebook flash games I have not been able to lag the tablet. As far as the WM-8850? I have no clue but for the price I will be picking one up... I'll bet the ram fills a little quicker but the extra speed will be nice but we shall see :)

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