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Android on Tablet question...


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Am thinking about getting a tablet with Android to use for specific training tasks.


I have a library of training material in folders on my pc, it consists of .flv flash videos and .html menu files. If I copy these files to an android tablet device, will I be able to run them as I can on a PC? Basically you start by opening the launcher html file, which opens in a web browser, and from there you navigate through the menu and launch whichever flash video you want. When you do this on a PC the flash video plays within the flash enabled browser.


Does anyone know if I would be able to do this from an SD card with Android?



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with most all Android tablets they have pulled flash support.... However, some tablets still run an older version of flash. Mine actually had 10.2 installer in the file directory and I just needed to install it and flash based apps worked fine....Flash based games were slow though but mines an elcheapo single core tablet.


What I would do is find a friend who'd let you try the file in his tablet....


if its just a video it would play fine

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