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OEM contacts app blank, never worked out of box


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Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 10.1 (GT-P5113, wifi only, USA)


The pre-installed, out of the box, Samsung "Contacts" app does not work. It has never worked since I opened the box. I did use the pre-installed Samsung email app to setup and sync with my google gmail account contacts info. I used the Samsung email app and it can access my gmail contacts info when I type into the recipient field (in Samsung email app). For email purposes I use gmail and it works fine and can access my contacts too.


The manner of the Contacts apps not working: Run the app and the app shows an all white colored screen with a thin black horizontal line about 1/3 inch below the top edge of the screen that runs from side to side. The much smaller area above this line is very slightly more grayish white. This is all, there are no gui objects displayed except the thin black horizontal line.


I believe I am doing something wrong that causes this problem, because:


This problem has occurred on two different Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 devices that I bought. I bought my first Tab 2 and it had this problem. I returned it. I bought a second Tab 2 and it has this same problem. This problem occurred on both tablets when they were running 4.0.3 NOT rooted. Both tablets later updated to 4.0.4 and rooted and the problem still occurs.


Help is very appreciated.


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